TE Super Series – Conditions of Entry

We are excited to be offering your young player(s) the opportunity to participate in our fun, friendly TE Super Series competition. To ensure we continue to provide the best possible experience for your child, please take a moment to read the following Terms & Conditions.


Entries are only accepted online via the www.tennisexcellence.com.au website. Please email info@tennisexcellence.com.au with any unanswered queries or concerns. Full payment is required with your entry. Unfortunately, refunds are not able to be given for withdrawals.

Entries received after the entry deadline will only be accepted if spaces remain available.

Every scheduled TE Super Series event allows for a minimum and maximum number of participants. Should your child be entered in an event that does not have the minimum required entrants, TE reserves the right to cancel the event and all entered players will receive a full refund.


Events will take place on all playing surfaces. We reserve the right to combine age categories. This decision will be made with the best interests of the players in mind. We may also need to automatically promote players into a stronger age category if they are deemed too strong for the event they entered.

RED Ball Events

Event Duration - 90mins (ideally 4 matches per player)


- First to 10 points (win by 2)

- Serve for 2 points

- Change ends every 6 points

- First serve overarm / second serve can be donkey drop

Court – TA approved Red court

Supervision - Red matches require supervision


Event Duration – 2hours (ideally 4 matches per player)


- First to 4 games (sudden death deuce)

- At 3-3 play 1 more game

- Switch ends at odd games


- Orange TA approved Orange court

- Green / Yellow full court


- Orange matches require supervision

- Green / Yellow matches do not require supervision

EOY Finale

The TE Super Series will culminate with a (invitation only) season finale to be played at Nedlands TC;

- The top 8 players across all TE Centres are automatically invited

- From Blue Gum, Nedlands & Bunbury Centres the top 2 players are automatically invited

- From all other TE Centres, the top player is automatically invited

- TRS provides for the EOY Finale;

o Red ballers

§ Winner - junior racquet + shirt + $20 voucher

§ Second – shirt + $20 voucher

§ Third - $20 voucher

o Orange ballers

§ Winner - junior racquet + shirt + $20 voucher

§ Second – shirt + $20 voucher

§ Third - $20 voucher

o Green ballers

§ Winner – Racquet + $50 voucher

§ Second - $50 voucher

§ Third - $30 voucher

o Yellow ballers

§ Winner – Racquet + $50 voucher

§ Second - $50 voucher

§ Third - $30 voucher

Raffle draw for Hopman Cup tickets

Heat or Rain

In the event rain, heat or other conditions jeopardise the event all entrants are still required to arrive as scheduled. TE will notify you prior if the event is cancelled.

On the Day

Players must report to the supervisor 15min prior to their scheduled start time

A parent of each player must attend the Parent Briefing scheduled 10min prior to your child’s start time. This briefing will inform you of the format for the event your child is about to play, and details aimed at making the event run smoothly.

Photograph Consent

Tennis Excellence may take photographs of children whilst they are playing tennis. These photographs may be used in Tennis Excellence’s marketing material including leaflets, posters, the Tennis Excellence website and on Tennis Excellence’s social media pages. If you do not give permission for your child to be photographed, please email info@tennisexcellence.com.au to advise us.


Please thank the coaches for me as Ishaan has absolutely loved tennis this year and can't wait to start again in term 4!  They do a wonderful job.

-- Vina
Blue Gum
24 Jun 2017