Terms and Conditions

We at Tennis Excellence (TE) value your custom. To ensure you are provided with the best service possible, please take a moment to read the following Terms and Conditions.

It is important to realise that our coaches’ income and livelihood is based purely on hours on court. Our Terms and Conditions therefore reflect this, whilst ensuring we can always deliver a fair and professional service.

1.0 Private lessons

Private lessons can be arranged for players of all levels wanting to take their tennis to the next level. Private lessons enable the coach to correct specific areas of the player’s game, to ensure maximum improvement and enjoyment.

1.1 Private Lesson – Cancellation Policy

Tennis Excellence has a strict 24-hour cancellation / re-scheduling policy.

Cancellations must be notified to the coach a minimum of 24-hrs before the scheduled private lesson, or the lesson will be charged at normal rate.

We realize that there are many things that come up in people’s day to day lives and while we try to be sympathetic, we cannot absorb the financial responsibility of last-minute cancellations.  Coaches and session times have been allocated and cannot be rescheduled or cancelled without the required notice. You do however have the option of sending someone else to take the scheduled lesson in your place if you are unable to attend.

In fairness to all clients, this policy is in effect regardless of the reason for the cancellation.

1.2 Payment terms and invoicing

Private lessons can be paid by eftpos at the time of the lesson to the coach or our office staff.

Fortnightly invoicing of private lessons can be arranged. A valid email address and mobile number must be provided to setup fortnightly invoicing.

Tennis Excellence offers 14 days payment terms on all invoices.

If the terms of the account exceed 30 days from the invoice due date, continuation of private lessons maybe suspended.

If for any reason you are unable to comply with this, please email or call the office to make alternative arrangements.

2.0 Program Enrolment Policy

2.1 Enrolments  

Enrolments for our group programs must be made online via our website: https://www.tennisexcellence.com.au/course-enrolments.  Enrolments should be made prior to the start of term to ensure our class ratios are maintained. Spaces cannot be guaranteed until payment has been made. If for any reason you are unable to comply with this, please email us to make alternative arrangements.

If a program is not at full capacity, enrolments may be allowed during the term and a pro rata enrolment can be arranged, please email info@tennisexcellence.com.au to arrange the enrollment.

A $10 administration fee applies to all manual enrolments.

Every program allows for a minimum and maximum number of participants. Should your child be enrolled in a program that at the start of the term does not have the minimum number of children enrolled, we (TE) reserve the right to cancel the program. If available, you will be offered an alternative day/time for the same program. Should you be unable to commit to the alternative day/time offered, you will receive a full refund for your enrolment.

2.2 Enrolment Cancelations 

If you wish to cancel an enrolment prior to the commencement of the term, a refund will be provided minus a $10 administration fee.

If you wish to cancel your enrolment once the program has commenced, you will be offered an alternate day or program. Should the alternate days or programs not be suitable, you will be offered a credit for the remaining unattended classes, minus a $10 admin fee.

Refunds are not available once the program has commenced.

2.3 Correct Behaviour

We aim to always provide a safe learning environment ensuring all players enrolled in both group and private lessons have the extraordinary experience we aim to provide. If your child displays safe behavior to themselves and other players and is capable of learning, and allowing others to learn, we welcome them in our group programs.

Additionally, all players are expected to participate in their lessons without parent involvement. We understand that young players will need parent assistance from time to time but your child should be capable of completing majority of the lesson without parent assistance.

Please contact us if you are unsure if your child is ready or capable as we are always happy to give assessments and ensure that individual needs are met where possible.

3.0 Makeup lesson policy

Makeup lessons are permitted under the following conditions only:

  • Absences must be communicated to TE and the request must be made for a makeup lesson to enable our office to book the session
  • Makeup lessons are offered as a courtesy by us (TE) and are subject to availability of an appropriate and equivalent program place
  • A maximum of 2 make up lessons are permitted per term
  • Makeup lessons are not transferable to other participants
  • Makeup lessons are to be taken in the current term or in the following school holiday clinics
  • Please email info@tennisexcellence.com.au to arrange a makeup lesson.

4.0 Trial Lesson

We offer a no obligation trial lesson to all new players wishing to trial before committing. If the trial is successful, you will be added to the remainder of the term and invoiced.  Invoices will incur an admin fee where applicable.

5.0 Wash-out and Heat Policy

On very hot or very wet days, the decision to cancel group lessons due to extreme weather will be made by the Head Coach, no later than 30 mins prior to the commencement of the lesson.  Contact will be made via SMS. Please ensure we have a current mobile number to enable us to contact you.

If a class is cancelled by us (TE) you will be offered a makeup session in that term or the following school holidays, if neither of these options suit a credit note will be applied to your account, please email us to arrange this.

Cancellation of one group lesson does not necessarily mean that other lessons will be cancelled that day.

For Squad programs in the event of rain, we encourage players to wear wet weather gear and be prepared to still train if courts are deemed fit for practice.

In the event a parent or player deems the weather conditions to be too extreme for participation, we will allow the player to arrange a make-up session (please see 3.0 Make-up lesson policy)

6.0 Tennis League Nominations

6.1 Nomination

Nomination does not mean automatic selection in a team. If selected, league representation for the club implies a commitment to play for the season.

6.2 Correct Attire

Players who are selected are reminded of the club’s requirements to wear recognized tennis attire during practice and competitions.

6.3 Club Membership

All players that nominate to play Junior League must become a financial member of the club they are nominating for, by completing the form provided on the relevant club’s website.

6.4 League Withdrawal

In the event of a player withdrawing there will be no refunds for Junior League nomination fees once the team selection meeting has taken place.

7.0 Privacy Policy

Tennis Excellence takes its clients privacy extremely seriously. We will only store information relevant for coaching and billing purposes. We will never share your private information with a third party or advertising agency.

Tennis Excellence may take photographs of children whilst they are playing tennis. These photographs may be used in Tennis Excellence’s marketing material including leaflets, posters, the Tennis Excellence website and on Tennis Excellence’s social media pages.

If you do not give permission for your child to be photographed, please email info@tennisexcellence.com.au to advise us.

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